ovbox concerts

Spatially separated, but still united in a virtual concert hall through our newly developed device: the ovbox, we play consort music in times of pandemic.

Past concerts can be found on our youtube channel. Future concerts will be announced here.

Our first ov-box concert, July 7th, 2020 Watch on youtube

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Remote collaboration project: 'ovbox'

Since all our concerts are currently canceled due to Covid19 pandemia, we used the occasion to develop a remote rehearsal device. Now we meet virtually almost every day to explore new repertoire and to rehearse - with a simple small box connected to the network. See the project description on github for more details:

Viola da Gamba

Viola da Gamba

We are a professional viola da gamba ensemble, historically informed and performing in the 21st century.


Contemporary music

Our repertoire reaches from 16th century fantasies via Johann Sebastian Bach to Minimal Music from Steve Reich and Lee Santana, and compositions by John Cage.


Experimental performances

Electronic processing, spatialisation, audio-visual installations, bicycle interaction.

Watch more clips on our youtube channel.

Harmony of the Spheres.

The movements of celestial bodies have long held a particular fascination to mankind. Astronomers and philosophers in the renaissance carefully studied the movements of celestial bodies; in their models the sun, the moon, and the five planets known at that time moved in a universal harmony, the Harmony of the Spheres. This fascination with mathematical and astronomical regularities and patterns inspired many composers, most notably during the 16th and the 20th centuries; a time when the aesthetics of numbers and proportions played a large role in the arts, from architecture to music.

Harmony of the Spheres

Electro-acoustic concert

In our performance we project musical concepts into the spatial dimension using a 15-channel loudspeaker reproduction and low-delay realtime signal processing. The musical concepts are supported by a light installation. The sound processing has been carefully tuned to the period instruments and aims to provide the audience with a concert experience of unprecedented intensity.

Harmony of the Spheres


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Marthe Perl
Claas Harders
Giso Grimm



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